Keto diet plan to lose 2-5 pounds of weight a week

Looking for a diet plan which can bestow you with desired weight loss results. Well, there are several diet plans that you can get from a dietitian or find on the Internet; however, a keto diet plan is at the top of all.

Several types of research have proved that it is incredibly beneficial for losing weight as well as for staying healthy. 

What is a keto diet

The ketogenic diet includes a high proportion of fats, moderate proteins, and fewer carbohydrates. In general, it is a low-carb, high-fat diet.

Shortly, with the keto plan, the body shifts to the metabolism of stored fats instead of carbohydrates to obtain energy_ for body needs. 

It means that the reservoirs of fats decrease consequently leads to a noticeable reduction in weight.

Foods for a ketogenic diet plan

In order to switch your body to ketosis, it is vital to add up certain food sources in the diet while eliminating others. You can easily lose 2 to 5 pounds a week by following keto plan instructions.

So let’s begin with the foods that you must consume to get your body in ketosis.

Protein sources

Get ready to eat up more proteins than to previous. For the prevention of muscle loss, your diet must keep a significant portion of proteins.

The primary protein sources are red meat, chicken, ham, turkey, bacon, etc. However, there are also some other sources like beans, eggs, low-fat dairy, etc.

Beneficial oils

Certain oils are very favorable for the body to stay healthy and in keeping the figure tone. It includes coconut oil, olive oil, and Avocado oil. These three are a suitable choice to carry on with ketosis.

Green veggies

Not every vegetable in your diet helps you to get rid of the body’s surplus weight. It is necessary to be more selective while choosing veggies, to eat. 

Mainly, low carb leafy greens are suitable to put in your diet chart. These will support you to stay healthy and enable internal organs to work properly.

Low carb fruits

Due to high carbohydrate content, you can’t enjoy every fruit still; you can consume beneficial berries like blueberry, raspberry, strawberries, etc.

Moreover, Avocado has several weight-loss qualities, the addition of a platter of Avocado is extremely advantageous.


Egg (preferably pastured and organic eggs) encloses approximately 5 to 6 grams of protein. The nutritional egg yolk contains good cholesterol which does not cause blood cholesterol levels to rise. 

Hence, they are valuable and aid to maintain energy levels in ketosis conditions The consumption of at least six eggs a day is recommended in the keto plan by nutritionists.

Dairy products

Some dairy products like cheese, yogurt, whipped cream, and butter are perfect for the keto plan. These have high-fat content with considerably low quantities of crabs.

Butter: It is a large reservoir (about 80%) of fats plus lactose-free. You can enjoy it at breakfast.

Cheese: Do not eat up a lot of cheese; however, a moderate amount is beneficial. You can find a wide variety of cheese, choose the fattier one, and get the desired goals.

Yogurt: It helps to keep the gut healthy through maintaining the bacterial quantity. Although yogurts are a source of proteins plain Greek yogurt is best of all. These qualities make it useful for the keto diet.

Whipping cream: It is extremely favorable as it contains 30-49% milk fat and also a source of minerals and vitamins.

Eliminated foods

If you want to get a toned body and desire to lose 2-5 pounds per week, there is a need to discontinue certain foods in the diet. These eliminations are necessary to shift your body on ketosis.

Sugary food

Sugars in food like added sugar in beverages, cakes, candies, cereals, etc. and can be a reason for weight gain. Sugars contain a high number of calories while it has lack essential nutrients like fiber, minerals, vitamins that optimize the body’s functions.

Prolonged use of sugars in higher portions can cause your body to develop many severe disorders like Insulin resistance (which directs the body to gain weight).

Insulin resistance

It is the ailment in which body cells refuse to respond to insulin, and the blood sugar levels rise. The high sugar steers the weight put on.

Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate such high content sugary foods and drinks from a routine diet.

High carb Fruits

Not all fruits are beneficial for you when you are packed with fats. Certain fruits are high in crabs or can cause an increase in weight. Usually, you have to remove bananas, citrus fruits, grapes and apples from the diet.

High carb vegetables

The vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips etc. should be avoided. As these contain carbohydrates in higher amounts  which can cause weight gain at a much faster rate.  

Starchy foods

The food products with a high percentage of starch should be reduced or eliminated from the diet. These include grains, wheat-based food, cereal, etc.

Is the keto diet plan safe?

Early, the keto diet plan was prescribed to control epilepsy seizures in kids. Later on, many studies reveal that it is workable for weight loss. 

This plan has many beneficial effects; however, some influential aspects you should have in your mind. 

However, it is a very viable diet strategy to achieve the goal of having a fit and slim body. But, the plan is strict about sticking.

Once you get back to your previous routine, you’ll put on most of the weight back within some time (according to body conditions).


Keto diet is a full plan for remarkable weight loss of 2-5 pounds of weight a week. With the elimination and addition of certain things, this plan is achievable. Above, we have provided you the foods you should add and avoid. 

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