How can I lose a pound a day without exercise?

If you have the question, how can I lose a pound a day without exercise? Then we have here your answer in the light of basic facts.

Although you can find different writings that support the fact that you can quickly lose a pound a day, to be honest, it is illogical.

However, the most straightforward answer to your problem is “It is impossible.” 

Still, don’t worry because there are some methods which could enable you to reduce a pound; however in two or three days.

Let’s get the facts behind the above statement.

Body daily calories uptake

Usually, the human body takes in 2000 to 25000 calories per day, but it can vary from person to person. 

Losing up a pound a day means to get rid of approximately 3,500 calories. 

When we match both values, the daily calories uptake plus the number of calories a pound has, we get to the point of its impossibility.

Therefore it is not realistic to get off a pound a day by reducing calories. Yet it can be achievable in some other ways. 

Calories Calculation method 

This easy mathematical method is another way to drop off pounds of weight; though, more effectively workable in a week.

We know that a pound means 3500 calories.

Let’s assume that a person takes in 2500 calories per day; it means that he will consume 17500 calories in a week.

Usually, a person can cut off 1000 to 1500 calories without harming his health.

For instance, if someone reduces 1500 calories out of 2500, then it will be the removal of  10,500 calories (more than 3 pounds) per week.

It is simple to find out your calorie uptake by reading the calories table on pack products; also, you can get calories information about certain eatables on the Internet.

Then start writing “what you eat and how many calories it encloses”. Accordingly, try to shed off a feasible number. 

Remember! Don’t weaken your body by reducing the number of calories that your body can’t bear. 

Drink plenty of water

One way to reduce one pound of weight in a day is to consume plenty of water. Sometimes the body develops a condition called water retention.

What is water retention?

Water retention (oedema) is the situation in which the body fails to eliminate water properly; consequently, the body parts start to swell. This causes the gain of body weight and an obese look.

However, drinking plenty of water lets the body eliminate this extra water and break this condition. 

When the body gets rid of this retained water, it loses approximately a pound of weight.

But keep in mind that with this method you can lose the water retention weight, not body fats.

Tips to lose a pound

You can successfully get your desired goal of tone figure by following the tips we are giving you.

Reduced the portion size

It is a psychological fact that your portion size directly influences your appetite. If you put more on the plate, it increases your appetite. 

With reduced food intake, you can get in fewer calories, which ultimately helps you to shed weight. 

The calories calculating method can help you a lot in this regard. Take small meals instead of three or four large meals. 

It helps you in two ways: firstly, you will always have a feeling of fullness. Secondly, it’ll help you out to reduce calorie intake.

Eliminate sugary beverages and food

One of the most highlighted reasons for obesity is the high consumption of sugars in the diet. Several studies have shown that sugar elimination to the maximum level leads to a higher metabolism.

This increased metabolism allows the body to burn body fats at higher rates resulting in weight loss.

There are also several diseases that arise from elevated blood sugar levels which cause weight gain. 

Insulin resistance (unbalanced blood insulin)  and leptin resistance (increase in appetite) are the two most common disorders developed with sugar uptake.

These disorders direct to weight gain and swell body parts. Still, such conditions can be combated by subtracting sugar content from the diet.

Do best to avoid sugary stuff like chocolate, colas, cream cakes, etc. .and even some vegetables and fruits.

Carb deduction from the diet

According to scientific knowledge, carbohydrates in the diet is the primary reason for obesity. As it slows down the process of metabolism as well as decreases the burning of fats. The elimination of large volumes of carbohydrates boosts metabolism. 

Hence these fats start storing (as adipose tissue) in the body, particularly in the abdomen, hips, lower this, and arm region. The deduction of a significant amount of carbs could become very useful. 

How can I cut carbs from my diet?

It is easy, just count the number of calories you consume by the above calories calculating method after this calculation points out carbohydrates from food. And then try to cut them off from the routine diet. 


Although it is not practicable to lose a pound a day, however, there is no need to do this. We never recommend to get on crash dieting or fasting for a full day. 

It will not help you to lose pounds but wilts your health. So for lasting results, start following the methods that are mentioned above and achieve the desired results.

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