Post#1 : For pregnant women

Pregnent women

Dietary requirements of pregnant women

Pregnant woman’s diet has a major influence on the weight of the baby at birth. During pregnancy, the diet should contain larger amounts of protective foods. She needs an additional 300 kcal of energy, extra 15 gm of protein and 10 gm of fat from mid pregnancy onwards. An additional amount of calcium is required for proper formation of bone and teeth and also for secretion of breast milk. Iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy increases maternal mortality and the incidence of low birth weight. Hence, consuming iron-rich food is essential. Eat more food during pregnancy and lactation.

DO’s & Don’ts

  • It is preferable to take an additional meal.
  • You should eat more and more whole grain, sprouted grams and fermented food.
  • Include milk/meat/egg on a regular basis.
  • Eat good amount of fruits and vegetables.
  • You should not take alcohol and tobacco, especially during pregnancy.
  • Do take medicine after consulting your physician.
  • Take iron, folate and calcium supplements regularly after 14-16 weeks of pregnancy and you should continue it during lactation
  • Beverages like tea and should be restricted before and soon after a meal.
  • You need to walk and indulge yourself into physical activity and should avoid heavy physical work, especially during the last month of pregnancy.

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